Bodybuilding with Donuts

journey towards a pro card while battling a growling stomach

How to Eat Healthy and Never Binge

Let’s face it, bodybuilding is tough. It requires extreme dedication. Lifting weights and doing cardio are the easy parts of the process. Dieting, on the other hand, is a whole different story.

You bet your butt that the best bodybuilders know exactly how many grams of protein, carbs, and fats they consume on a daily basis. You can ask them what foods they ate during any minute of any which day of the week and they’ll have the answer for you off the top of their head. Every little calorie is painstakingly recorded and not even a grain of brown rice is ignored. This continues for days, weeks, and months. Without a doubt, dieting can be the toughest part of pre-contest preparation and can lead to temptation and questioning of one’s own willpower.

That is, until I created this blog! Not to toot my own horn, but MAN I AM A DIET MANIAC!!! I NEVER give in to temptation and I NEVER cheat on my diet! Allow me to let you in on my secrets to building YOUR inner strength and demolishing any thoughts of grease-laden foods that tempt you!

Step 1: Snacking

Mi Pueblo Food Center is a favorite of mine. Skip right by the fresh produce section and head straight into the bakery. There, you will find an assortment of physique-friendly foods. Take this fine, low-calorie Tres Leche cake for example.

And at less than 2 dollars a slice (pretty big too), you might as well drop the pounds of fat as you eat!

If you’re like me though, I want the absolute best for my body so while my metabolism is still revving, I want to take advantage of it. So what do I do? I feed it!

These donuts and empanadas, loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs, are an excellent alternative to all the junk out there nowadays. So feel free to load up on these guilt-less health foods!

Step 2: Plan Your Meals

I am a man of practicality. I will never do something impulsively. Which is why going to Wienerschnitzel right across the street was so darn convenient for me!

I haven’t eaten this stuff for literally a decade but I certainly remember from nutrition classes and textbooks that hot dogs are some of the best organic foods one can consume. As I entered the drive-through, I looked at the menu and knew exactly what I wanted: 2 corn dogs and 2 chili dogs.

"Would you like anything else with your order?" The young gentleman asked through his microphone. Like I said before, I never buy things impulsively. So I glanced at the menu one last time and ordered an additional bacon-wrapped hot dog.

Step 3: Have Complete Meals

Every meal should be balanced. In other words, any given meal will have protein, some carbs/fiber, and some healthy fats. A basic example is chicken breast and broccoli. Chicken breast goes with broccoli just like Wienerschnitzel goes with…POPEYES!!! So when I saw Popeyes just a few hundred yards away from Wienerschnitzel, I knew exactly where I needed to go to finish off my balanced meal.

And you can’t go wrong with shrimp, which is pound for pound some of the best protein available (which is actually the truth). Battered in a heart-healthy concoction and then lightly cooked in health-conscious oil, the butterfly shrimp was just what I needed for my bodybuilding pre-contest diet.

An additional side of Cajun fries never hurt anyone. As a matter of fact, these complex carbohydrates were just the type of fuel I needed to take me through a grueling workout today.

Step 4: Have a Shake

Sometimes, it’s just more convenient to have a shake rather than whole foods. Pre and post-workout are ideal times to consume a shake. For me, post-meal is a great time to have a shake as well! Also, remember in step number 2, I mentioned that I’m a practical person? Well, back to the Wienerschitznel drive-through we go, which is still only a couple hundred yards away!

If you were to look up the word “healthy” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger. And in that picture, he would be holding up this same ice cream shake. Loaded with everything you need: protein, carbs, and fats, this ice cream shake holds its own in the world of healthy foods.

With these 4 simple steps, you are well on your way to getting ripped and shredded in no time. Make sure you eat all this within an hour so your body can digest all the nutrients at once, giving you a steady stream of muscle-building, fat-burning energy!

(Yes, I am still preparing for my bodybuilding show and am currently 5 weeks out! Last binge this time…promise!)

Lemme let you in on a little secret- Roasted broccoli is one of my favorite foods, even when I’m not dieting.

Lemme let you in on a little secret- Roasted broccoli is one of my favorite foods, even when I’m not dieting.

Officially 7 Weeks Out

…and I have a mild sore throat/stuffy nose, BUT it’s gonna take more than that to bring me down! I feel great after taking the last 4 days off from the gym, and having replaced weights and cardio with custard-filled donut holes, frozen pizza, etc..etc..!!!

"But wait a second," one might say," I thought you have a bodybuilding competition on April 30th- that’s less than 7 weeks away, fatty."

And that person would be absolutely correct. Which is why I will make sure (or at least have the idea in the back of my mind) to limit the binging until AFTER the competition…starting after today, that is. And yes, I am still trying to win this show. Just gotta believe in miracles!